Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Evening Fishing, 10-4-2011

Last night I went fly-fishing at the Prairie Ridge South pond (local public pond). It was interesting.
No pictures, and I prefer not to post blogs without pictures...but sometimes it happens, and HEY!...Its my blog and I'll post if I want to. :o)

I was fishing on the north side of the pond, right across from the skateboard park. There must have been 20+ kids there using it! Hey... they are doing something outside. Other than some profanities, they all seemed to behave fairly well. There is a paved walking trail around this pond.  There were a few women of all ages walking, or walking their dogs.  At one point, a guy riding a bike while exercising his dog came by. The dog came down and stood RIGHT behind me. I had heard them approach, but was not watching them.  I was fighting a bluegill at the time. The guy said “My dog is right behind you.” So, I landed the fish. He said, “I don’t think my dog has ever seen a fish before.” So I turned around and held the fish in front of the the PIT BULL’S nose, which scared him at first. But then he just sniffed it. I released the fish, the guy said “Thank you.”, and off they went. Nice dog, but I have to admit I was slightly shocked.  No offense to Pit Bull owners...but I have ALL respect but NO trust for Pit Bulls.  I've heard too many first hand and second hand reports of unprovoked attacks...these animals are like ticking bombs.

Anyway…fishing was slow, but fairly steady. I caught at least 15 healthy bluegills and one 12” bass. All were caught on a black Woolly Bugger.

I saw a giant swirl just beyond casting distance and out away from shore….so I made my way nearer. Then I saw a bluegill dart and porpoise out of the water. Maybe a big catfish or bass was chasing the bluegills? I caught a bluegill from that area, but nothing else. I moved beyond that area a ways…and looked back just as a huge boil and fin slowly sunk back out of sight. FREAKING NESSIE!!! HOLY BEHEMOTH! In addition to bass or catfish, there are some large grass carp in this pond that I can NEVER seem to get close to before they have spotted me and bolted for cover.  I put some casts over into that area as well. I had one hit that I missed, so who knows what that was, but obviously I didn’t catch a biggie.

Anyway…that was about it.

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