Monday, March 7, 2016

Warmwater Fishing is Starting Up Here!

I flyfished for a few hours on Sunday, March 6, 2016.
Wow!  What a wonderfully warm day!! Breezy...but very enjoyably to be outside!  With temps in the 60's, it was 30 degrees warmer than the previous day!  Even the ducks, geese, and muskrats were happily enjoying the day (the muskrat is slightly down and right of the geese..the ducks are behind the weeds in the foreground):

I hoped to find some fish in the shallows on the downwind side of the pond, taking advantage of the much warmer temperatures today.  They weren't as active as I'd hoped, but this was only Day 1 of warmer weather.
I was flyfishing, using a microjig about 18" beneath an indicator.  I fished an area I figured would concentrate fish, and caught some bluegills and a smallish bass.  I had something NICE on for a few seconds, but it threw the hook and made a decent-sized boil as it took off.

I moved along the shoreline, hoping to pick up a fish here or there, and I did.  I had a nice bass on, @17", that shook free has I was trying to grab its jaw.  That's the risk of fishing small hooks, but it was a nice strong fight.  Next cast, Crappie!

I continued fishing along, then worked my way to my starting point.  I picked up another small bass, several more Crappies and bluegills, and caught a really nice bass...probably the biggest I've ever caught from this highly-pressured pond.  She measured 18.75".