Monday, November 16, 2020

OLD Fishing Pics

My family and I moved earlier this year.  During that process, I was excited to have found a couple of my old fishing picture albums I'd thought I'd lost.  I want to the throw some of the pictures up here, to help me NOT lose them again...and to remind myself I used to catch some nice fish.


7.5 lbs, 27.5" Brown Trout, Lake Michigan near Kenosha, WI

Walleyes, Iowa

35lb Flathead Catfish, Des Moines River, Des Moines, Iowa
33" 18lb Buffalo, Saylorville Spillway, Des Moines River, Iowa
~20 lb Chinook (King) Salmon, Pike Creek near Kenosha, WI
~20 lb Chinook (King) Salmon, Pike Creek near Kenosha, WI
~20 lb Chinook (King) Salmon, Pike Creek near Kenosha, WI

12.5 lb Steelhead, Pike Creek near Kenosha, WI

14" or 16" Crappie (caught both same day), Sycamore, IL
27" Walleye, 7 lbs., Big Creek Spillway, Iowa
Redbreast Tilapia, Kaui, Hawaii
Northern Pike, Nungesser Lake, Ontario, Canada

Coho (Silver) Salmon, Lake Michigan, near Kenosha, Wisconsin
Peacock Bass, Kaui, Hawaii
Muskellunge, near Hayward, WI
Brook Trout, Pike Creek, near Kenosha, WI
Big Bluegills w/ cousin Nick
30" Northern Pike, West Okoboji, Iowa
18.5" Smallmouth Bass, Middle Raccoon River, Panora, Iowa
17.5" Smallmouth Bass, Middle Raccoon River, Panora, Iowa
10" Bluegill, ISU Horticulture Pond, near Ames, Iowa
Nice Walleye, ISU Horticulture Pond, near Ames, Iowa
25 lb Cobia, Atlantic Ocean, out from Sebastian Inlet, Florida (on our honeymoon)
24", 7 lb 8 oz Largemouth Bass, Iowa 
31" Muskellunge, Big Creek Lake, Iowa
Sheepshead, Florida

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

2020 Flyrod Fish Species List

 Had a great year for species caught on flies.  Typically I'd been getting 19-25 species each year.  This year I got 32 (or 33, based on how I'm recording them).  I had about 1/2 year in Iowa, then moved to Missouri.  In Missouri alone, I caught 27 species!

There was some overlap of species between Iowa and Missouri.... so I will start with Missouri species (and show an example), then add Iowa-caught species that weren't on the Missouri list.  I will put an asterisk(*) next to species that I caught on flies for the very first time this year...there were 9 of them!!


1. Largemouth Bass:

2. Smallmouth Bass:

3. Kentucky Spotted Bass*:

4. White Bass:

5. Walleye:

6. Sauger*:

7. White Crappie:

8. Bluegill:

9. Redear Sunfish:

10. Longear Sunfish*:

11. Green Sunfish:

12. Hybrid Sunfish:

13. Common Carp:

14. Mirror Carp (no picture; I realize is isn't a separate species from Common Carp, but they are readily identifiable as I'm treating it as a separate species for this purpose):

15. Silver Carp*:

16. Grass Carp:

17. Freshwater Drum:

17. Shortnose Gar:

19. Goldeye*:
20. Northern Studfish*:

21. Channel Catfish:

22. Hornyhead Chub:

23. Creek Chub:

24. Striped Shiner:

25. Common Shiner:

26. Golden Shiner*:

27. Rainbow Trout:

And additional species caught in Iowa this year:

28. Black Crappie:

29. Orangespotted Sunfish*:

30. Pumpkinseed Sunfish:

31. Black Bullhead:

32. Goldfish:

33. Comet Goldfish* (again, not technically a separate species from regular goldfish, but very identifiable as I'm counting it as separate):