Wednesday, December 27, 2023

2023 Flyfishing Summary

 The multispecies flyfishing in 2023 has been the most incredible I've yet experienced.  I personally know 2 fly anglers that each caught considerably MORE species than I did this year... so I'm not suggesting I'm the best thing ever, LOL! Catching a bunch of species wasn't a concious goal I had set for myself.  It just sort of happened organically, I suppose.

I've been seriously flyfishing for over 17 years!  I do enjoy new and different fish.  I started the year with 83 species already on my Flyrod Life List.  With many being duplicates, I caught 84 total species in 2023!  But 30 were NEW to me on flyrod!  Lifelist now at 113!

A friend and I took a week long flyfishing trip to south Florida, which added quite a few species, both freshwater and saltwater.  I'd like to eventually reach at least 100 Freshwater Species on Fly, preferably all U.S. fish.  I'm at 98!

Some of the new freshwater flyrod fish I caught this year include:

Spotted Gar, Florida Gar, Spotted Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Jaguar Guapote, Zebra Tilapia, Plecostomus, Ruddy Bowfin, Barramundi, Ozark Bass, Shadow Bass, Flier, Mooneye, Mottled Sculpin, and more.

Redbreast Sunfish

Ozark Bass

Orangespotted Sunfish

Grass Pickerel

47.5" Longnose Gar

27" Walleye


Skipjack Herring

Shadow Bass

Longear Sunfish

Longear Sunfish

Redspotted Sunfish



Dollar Sunfish

Jaguar Guapote

Plecostomus / Sailfin Catfish

Peacock Bass

Mayan Cichlid


Spotted Sunfish

Zebra Tilapia

Eyetail Bowfin

Chain Pickerel

GORGEOUS Leather Koi


And ANOTHER gorgeous Leather Koi!

Glad to have caught my first (baby) Tarpon on fly as well!

I wanted to catch 100 Bowfin (Eyetail and Ruddy combined) on fly in one calendar year, and I got that done, finishing the 7-month season with 118 Bowfin on fly!  Once again, I caught over 100 Koi on fly, and over 100 Goldfish.

Caught an Orange-Spotted Sunfish, a Dollar Sunfish, and many Redspotted Sunfish and many Warmouth.

My buddy and I took 2nd place in the Dally's Odyssey 2-day 2-person team Flyfishing Tournament in Arkansas.

I caught new Personal Best (Fly Rod) fish in:

-Walleye (27")

-Longnose Gar (47.5")

-Shortnose Gar (29.5")

-Eyetail Bowfin (26.5")

-Chain Pickerel (didn't measure)

I caught a number of big Bluegills, measuring 10"-10.5".

Thank you,  2023!  An incredible year for flyfishing!

December 25, 2023

 We had visited family and celebrated our Christmas a bit early, so Christmas Day found me at home, and able to go fishing.  It rained all morning and into early afternoon.  That's what raincoats are for. :)

I caught 12 Goldfish and 19 Koi while flyfishing.  Here's some of the fish that were caught... all were released as usual.

Monday, December 18, 2023

December 16, 2023

 Drizzly cloudy day.  Thought I'd try to catch a baby musky on a fly.  I did try, but did not succeed in catching a baby musky.  I did catch a Largemouth Bass.

Then I visited a second lake.  Caught a Rainbow Trout and a Redear Sunfish.

Visited a third lake.  Caught a Largemouth Bass, some small Bluegills, a White Crappie, and a jumbo Golden Shiner.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

December 9, 2023

Caught 2023 Flyrod Species # 84 on Saturday, on the outskirts of Saint Louis, MO.  This is also Lifetime Flyrod Species # 113.  Mottled Sculpin!  Caught 8 of 'em.

I also caught a Mooneye!