Monday, January 27, 2020

Central Iowa Icefishing - January 25-26, 2020

Had about 4 hours to icefish on Saturday.  Visited a pond where I caught quite a few 18"+ bass in 2019, but the action had tapered off considerably around mid-year after I saw 3 guys catching and putting bass in a 5-gallon bucket.  I wanted to check the pond out during the winter to see if some of those nice bass were still in there.

Well..I caught 18 bass, 5 bluegills, 1 green sunfish, and 1 hybrid sunfish.  NONE of the bass were over 13".  So, looks like the damage to the population of bigger bass by those 3 guys was pretty thorough.  That's really sad, selfish, and misinformed. 

Anyway, some of the bluegills were pretty nice...some were 9"+.

We visited 2 ponds on Sunday.  The first pond, my buddy Jay caught a couple bass right before I got there. His nephew Nathan also joined us.  I drilled a half-dozen or more holes, fished a few of them.  Saw just one fish the entire time.  The other two guys didn't catch any more either.  We moved to a 2nd pond.  This was also pretty slow, but we all managed to catch fish.  I did ok.... Caught 6 or 7 bass (none over 14"), at least 8 crappies, 2 pumpkinseed sunfish, and over a dozen bluegills.

While I take pictures of some of the fish I catch, its always been about the fish, so if you go through my blog archives, there are very few pictures that I am actually in.  I got the iPhone 11 recently, and it has a much better "selfie" camera than my previous iPhone 6.  So, I'm starting to experiment with including me in more of my fish pictures, as you can see above. We'll see how it goes.