Monday, November 28, 2022

November 26, 2022

 Spent a few hours this afternoon flyfishing for Koi and Goldfish.  I managed to land 15 Koi (186 for the year so far), and 8 Goldfish (126 for the year so far).  Caught some really pretty ones!

All were caught on various microjigs, mainly in peach/orange coloration.

First, the Goldfish.  I really like the coloration of the one on the left.  The one on the right was one of the larger ones.

And here's some of the Koi:

Montego Bay, Jamaica - November 2022

 Our last planned family vacation was to London, England, back in mid-March, 2020...we were set to travel there the very day the US restricted travel from there due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  So, we were forced to cancel the trip.

Now...November 2022, we have finally taken another family vacation.  With our 2 adult children (25 and 22), and my daughter's longtime boyfriend, we went to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  We stayed at the RIU Palace.  We last visited Jamaica in 2019, when we stayed at the RIU Ocho Rios.  We've always enjoyed staying at RIU all-inclusive properties.

It was another great, relaxing trip.  The weather was excellent...nearly always sunny, with highs in the mid-80's, lows in the mid-70's.We didn't choose to take any excursions.  We swam in the pools, enjoyed adult beverages at the swim-up bars, swam in the ocean, and went kayaking on the ocean. 

Also, my daughter's boyfriend proposed.  They are now engaged!  How cool is that? :) 

Social media being what it is, and everyone has their own right to post or not post, so I will not post any "people" pictures of anyone else since I didn't ask permission to do so.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

November 8, 2022

 Flyfished for just under 2 hours.  Caught 13 Koi, 2 Goldfish.  I'm up to 171 and 118 for the year on those species, respectively.  Caught some really cool, colorful fish!



Monday, November 7, 2022

Butterfly House

My wife and I visited the Sofia M. Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield, MO.  Really nice, I'd definitely go back!
Leopard Lacewing

Blue Clipper

Common Blue Morpho

Owl Butterfly


Blue Wave

Great Eggfly

Peacock Flower

American Beautyberry