Monday, February 26, 2024

February 25, 2024

 Got out fishing for just the 3rd time this year.  Warmer weather recently had me thinking the Golden Shiners might be willing to strike, as they often do early in the year.  Hoped for other species as well, but you never know this early in the year what else might willing to play.

So, went to a pond that has Golden Shiners.  Used a microjig that was made by a local angler, on a #14 hook.  Missed some and lost some fish, but managed to catch 5 Golden Shiners, plus a couple small Redear Sunfish, a few small Bluegills, a Green Sunfish, and a little Largemouth Bass.

Golden Shiner on Fly

Redear Sunfish

Green Sunfish

I stopped at a creek on my way home.  Water was low, clear, and slow.  Didn't see many fish at all, which isn't unusual this time of year, but also somewhat alarming given how clear the water was.  I did see a couple grass carp.  I tossed a beadhead woolly bugger their way.  They seemed to be following it, but I lost track of where the fly was, and felt it had sunk to the bottom, and they were unlikely to eat it.  I made some more casts, but didn't see those fish again.

I did manage to catch one bass at the creek, it had excellent markings!

Monday, February 5, 2024

February 3, 2024

 First "local" fishing outing of the year.  I like going after the Koi especially, since they remain fairly active when the water is cold, plus they fight good and can be very colorful.  What's NOT to like??

The takes were generally more subtle this trip than in warmer months.  I was able to get the fish to start feeding by throwing some cat food out onto the water.  Took awhile to get some takers to come to the surface.  Before that, there were almost no fish seen anywhere.

Used a microjig under an indicator, the microjig tied with white rabbit fur tail and eggstasy chenille body.  The Goldfish hit that as well.  Ended the short session with 6 Koi and 4 Goldfish.