Monday, August 24, 2020

Those OTHER Fish

 Flyfished an urban creek.  Had a pretty decent day of it.  Caught a variety of fish, including:

3 Grass Carp to 31":

Shortnose Gar:

I caught 3 SMALL Common Carp (one was a Mirror Carp, but it didn't stick around for a picture):

I caught one White Bass: another couple of firsts, I incidentally foul-hooked a Silver Carp:

...then further downstream I actually caught a Bighead Carp (?) with the fly in its mouth!

Longear Sunfish!

 I had set a flyfishing goal for myself to try and catch Longear Sunfish and Kentucky Spotted Bass, since they are fairly common in Missouri, but not Iowa...and I had not caught either species before.  If you saw my last blog post, you know I did catch a Kentucky Spotted Bass.  So...Longear Sunfish were next on the agenda.

I got some helpful tips on where to go that weren't too far away from St. Louis.  Really appreciate the help!  I fished 2 creeks and caught Longears from both.  Beautiful little fish!

They were all very pretty, here's some of the more vibrant-colored ones I caught:

I caught other stuff while fishing for these...including this Common Shiner:

Mid-August 2020

 I finally flyfished some moving water, even if it wasn't very fast water.  The results were good.

I caught my first-ever Kentucky Spotted Bass on a Howitzer Popper:

And some White Bass:

Pretty fun.

Early August 2020

Redear Sunfish:

Golden Shiners:

Green Sunfish: