Thursday, October 26, 2017

Late October 2017

Weather started to cool, then got nice, then windy.  For a week or two, fishing was slower than it seemed like it should be.  And not that the fish weren't feeding....bass could be seen busting shad on the surface in a couple public ponds I fish.  They were moving so the time I could cast to where they hit the surface, the bass were already long gone.  I did manage to get a few.
Some on a shad fly:

This one on topwater:
I did catch a few Hybrid Sunfish:

The wind finally died down on Wednesday and the temperature was a reasonably low 60's.  It was the nicest day in the 10-day forecast.  I took the afternoon off from work and went fishing.
So glad I did!  It didn't start off very well, but turned into one of the best days of fishing I've had in awhile.

Pond #1:
Started at the upwind end of the pond and worked my way along the north shoreline.  My buddy Jay joined me, and he worked the south shoreline.  By the time we reached the opposite end of the pond, I'd caught maybe 4 bluegills and a tiny bass.  Not good.  Jay had to leave, but I stopped and flyfished a windblown shoreline on my way back to the car.  I stayed in that area for several more hours!  I started catching crappies and more bluegills.  Crappies ranged from 9"-12.5", with most being @ 11".  All were caught on a silver Springbrook Wunder microjig set about 18" under an indicator.  One of the best crappie days I've had in a LONG time.  When the wind died, the crappie action slowed as well.

Pond #2:
There was about 90 minutes of daylight left.  I had tied some new fly patterns I wanted to test out in the water.  The first one worked ok, but not quite what I had in it will need some tweaking.  The second one was a Gamechanger I tied....its about 3.5" long.  Articulated (jointed).  I fished it in 2' long "strip-pause.......strip-pause.....".  The one I used is the one in the bottom of this picture:

I'm ecstatic!   The bass loved it!  At one point, I caught 5 bass on 6 casts!  I don't know if it was the fly or the location, but it sure was fun!  I worked my way around the pond and caught 2 more as it got dark.  

Friday, October 20, 2017

Mid-October 2017

Flyfishing for bass has steadily slowed, although I still see them chasing baitfish.  I just can't get them to hit what I'm throwing at them.  Could be more my problem than theirs.

I'm getting a few crappies, but not as many as I think I should be:

Once in awhile, I'll get a Pumkinseed Sunfish:

Or Hybrid Sunfish:

Some bluegills, but again....not as many as I think I should be getting.

Its getting later in the year, so I'm not sure how long I can expect to get Common Carp and Channel Catfish....but I have caught some while flyfishing during my lunch hours recently.

...and another picture of the same 21" catfish....I couldn't decide which picture I liked better:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Early October

The weather was warm for the first week, but plummeted the following week.  Wind picked up.
Largemouth Bass have been hitting good, on anything from topwaters to subsurface streamers  and shad imitations, and even on smaller panfish- and crappie-sized fly patterns like microjigs and small woolly buggers.

I had one particularly good morning at a local pond where I caught @ 25 bass, including four that measured 17", and another 4-5 that were in the 15"-16" range.  Amongst other patterns that caught fish, dark olive #6 DDH Leeches performed exceptionally well that day.

I've also been picking up a few crappies here and there, on the shad flies, microjigs, and #8 mylar buggers.

I've caught a couple green sunfish.

And a couple Pumpkinseed Sunfish and Hybrid Sunfish.

I've caught some bluegills, but nearly as many as I feel I should be.  This is kind of odd.