Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mid-September 2021

 In the last 2 weekends of flyfishing, I caught 17 Grass Carp one day, and 18 Grass Carp the following Saturday.  Crazy!  That puts me at 155 Grass Carp caught on flies this year so far.

Below are the biggest ones from each day.  The top one is the biggest I've caught in Missouri so far at 36.5", which matches the 2nd biggest one I've caught.  Weight range on this one, based on 2 formulas from studies I've been given, is 18 lbs to 23 lbs.  An average of those two numbers gives 20.5 lbs as an approximate weight for this fish.  Nice one, for sure!

I caught just my 2nd Common Carp on a fly for the year.

Also just my 2nd White Bass for the year:

And one small channel catfish each weekend as well:

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Flyfishing for Koi and Goldfish

 Had an afternoon off work last week.  Got a late start, but flyfished from @ 2:20pm-5:20pm.

Caught at least 21 Koi and @ 20 Goldfish.  It was a good afternoon!  I'll post some of the Koi first....and the first one is my absolute favorite!

Close 2nd was this fish (2 pics):

I like 'em all.

And (some of) the Goldfish:

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Early September 2021


Visited a creek again.  Caught a tiny bass and 15 more Grass Carp on flies....I'm at 120 for the year now!
I have pictures, but won't bother posting them here.
I need more "color" in my blog, so I visited a local pond that has goldfish and bullheads.  The goldfish are tough to catch, but there are some nice ones there.  I didn't measure it at the time, but scaled the top fish below, compared to the length of my thumb... and come up with 12.86"-13.4"...So lets say about 13".  Nice goldfish!