Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mid-September 2021

 In the last 2 weekends of flyfishing, I caught 17 Grass Carp one day, and 18 Grass Carp the following Saturday.  Crazy!  That puts me at 155 Grass Carp caught on flies this year so far.

Below are the biggest ones from each day.  The top one is the biggest I've caught in Missouri so far at 36.5", which matches the 2nd biggest one I've caught.  Weight range on this one, based on 2 formulas from studies I've been given, is 18 lbs to 23 lbs.  An average of those two numbers gives 20.5 lbs as an approximate weight for this fish.  Nice one, for sure!

I caught just my 2nd Common Carp on a fly for the year.

Also just my 2nd White Bass for the year:

And one small channel catfish each weekend as well:

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