Monday, July 29, 2013

Flyrod Carpin' at Saylorville Reservoir, 7/28/2013

I fished Saylorville Lake from shore yesterday.  Its a frustrating place to be with a fly rod most times.  But, I found some actively feeding carp, and managed to catch 3. Each hit a different fly, but all flies were white/flashy like a small shad.  The bigger two were 23" and 25".
I used the "pre-owned" flyrod/reel/line I bought from  my friend Chad again on this trip...I've been giving his old rod a workout on the wipers and carp...its been performing very well!  :)
The fly below was unweighted.  The other two flies were weighted with either a pink beadhead or lead barbell.


  1. That rod is a 7 wt right? If I remember reading correctly. Seems it would be a perfect size for carp.

  2. Yes, a 7wt. It felt about right for this application. Although I couldn't stop the carp on their first run or two...I was in control of the fish after that. I probably could have gotten away with a 6wt, since these carp weren't THAT big. But I'm pleased with the feel of this rod. Which actually surprises me...I usually like a faster action fly rod. I looked down after one run, and had just two wraps of fly line left on the reel above the backing. :)

    1. Sounds like a great stick and it is doing well for you. I myself bounce between a 6 and 8 wt and it would seem a 7 would fit almost perfectly.

  3. If you are familiar with "John Montana's" Carp on the Fly blog...he uses a 7wt rod on the big 20 lb class carp he catches out of the Columbia River system. There may be times when you want a faster action rod (like I usually do)...but for carp I think this medium action rod may actually help protect the tippet from breaking when I put too much pressure on the fish. It still sets the hook just fine.
    I've alway felt my 8wt was overkill on these fish, but I liked having the heavier leader/tippet. A 7wt is lighter and easier to cast than an 8wt. The line on this set-up is a bass bug WFF line, which enabled it to cast Clousers pretty well.
    I have another 7wt rod, but either it is too stiff (fast action), or maybe I just don't like the line I have on it...but it casts horribly. That's why I bought this rod/combo (it is pre-owned). I'm happy with it!

  4. Nice fish on flashy flies! We have carp in one pond that actively eat bluegill, bass, and sucker fry. When that occurs they are uber aggressive toward a fast twicthed in fly. Cool!