Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nesting Pumpkinseed Sunfish

Spending most of June getting ready for and then GOING on our fishing trip to Canada, I'd forgotten my plan to visit the local pond that has Pumpkinseed Sunfish in it, while the fish were spawning.  I wanted to see them in their full nesting/spawning colors.

So, I fished the pond yesterday evening.  The many clouds didn't make it the best opportunity to take good photos, but I gave it a shot.  The pond was horribly choked with weeds out 25'+ from shore, plus the shoreline was ringed with tall, tough weeds that were sporting seed pods that were grabbing and holding my fly line.

I ended up finding some Pumpkinseeds on nests.  Bluegills, too.  And also caught a decent bass.
Here's some pics of the Pumkinseeds.


  1. Love those fish! The IDFG decided long ago this was one to introduce so we have them. Colorful as brook trout. An elderly friend, now deceased, hated them, throwing all on the bank as he believed they stunted out and stole food from his beloved bluegill. But he thought poorly of my beloved carp as well.


  2. What BEAUTIFUL fish! Thanks for the great pictures. Vibrant colors.