Thursday, August 12, 2021

Early August 2021

 I've been mostly flyfishing for Grass Carp... (a.k.a. Missouri Mahseer, Backwater Barramundi, Veg Tarpon, Pruning Permit, Goliath Grass Grouper), with a few Shortnose Gar thrown in the mix.

I started off the year well with Grass Carp, so even though I "lost" a month when the creek was high and unfishable, I'm trying to see if I can get to 100 Grass Carp on flies in 1 year.  Or at least reach a "lifetime" total of at least 100 Grass Carp on flies.  As of August 11, I'm sitting at 71 for the year, and 92 lifetime.   The "lifetime" number should be obtainable.  The "100-in-a-year" number is going to be a big challenge to reach.  29 to go!


The fish above and below (same fish) was a good one!

Snake skin sheds:

The Grass Carp below is currently my biggest from Missouri.... 34", calculated weight of 15 lb-19 lb range.  Heckuva fighter!

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