Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Topwater Bite is Slowly Improving

First week of May, 2015, in Central Iowa...
Nicer, warmer weather has settled in at last.  Some dreary days of intermittent light rain, and some breezy sunny days...Highs in the 70's.  Many Largemouth Bass have started to nest, and will be spawning very soon.
The non-spawners seem most willing to hit topwaters right now...or any fly for that matter.

Looking at the top and bottom bass in the above pictures...they look really similar...but they were caught several days apart...

Crappies have been striking the big flyrod bass poppers.  Occasionally one will even get hooked!  The males are on nests, and in the local ponds it appears the females may have dropped their eggs now.

Bluegills are making nests.  And Pumpkinseed Sunfish are sitting on theirs.

And the baby ducklings and goslings are already out of their nests and patrolling the ponds.


  1. I haven't found any top water bass, yet. The males are starting to make the beds from what I can see. I have been hooking up with some decent sized bass and crappie with a super slow dragging retrieve of a woolly bugger. Can't wait for that top water bite!

    1. Justin, maybe you are suffering from that pesky, lingering "Lake Effect" winter? :) The bigger lakes around here are definitely behind the small ponds. No worries, those bass WILL start smashing topwaters soon!