Thursday, May 28, 2015

Late May, 2015

Guys I know are catching Gar, Common Carp, Smallmouth Bass, and even White Bass on flies in my area.  I'm really wanting to catch some of these other species, but I haven't been able to get away to the right waters for long enough.  Or that's what I keep telling myself.

My daughter (oldest child) just graduated from High School with Honors.  She's very smart, we're very proud of her.  So we've been busy with all the activities associated with that and with throwing her a big party for her extended family and school friends.

I've been spending time trying to get the darn Grass Carp to hit some flies, and when that fails (100% of the time so far this year), I flyfish for bass, bluegills and crappies.  At least those last 3 have been cooperating somewhat, although many (especially the larger bass) seem to be preoccupied with spawning rather than eating, and the crappies are finishing their spawn and moving away from shore.


  1. Dave
    At least you are landing fish, all it has been doing here is rain, no trout fishing heavy generation, looks like I will never make my bluegill quest this year for sure. The bluegill lake is still experiencing fertilize problems. thanks for sharing

    1. Sorry to hear about the weather woes in your area, Bill. I generally get along pretty well with Ma Nature...but I don't appreciate it when she messes with our fishing! :)