Thursday, August 18, 2011

OBN - Up Close & Personal (Macro Shots)

I saw this first on John Montana's blog "Carp on the Fly" (, and thought I would join in.  I admire his ability to narrow his choices down to just two!
Outdoor Blogger Network ( posted a prompt to encourage their supporters to post "Up Close & Personal" nature shots on their blogs, such as photos shot in Macro mode.

Well, not all of these are shot in macro mode, but they are "Up Close & Personal". :o)  My previous blog post contains some backyard bug pictures, and another recent one contains some flower pictures, so I'll try not to duplicate those here....but chances are good many of these pics are located in my blogs SOMEWHERE.  I decided to stick with FISH close-ups for this post.

Lets go:

Corlorful  NE Iowa Brown Trout caught on Fly Rod.

Colorful naturally-occurring Hybrid Sunfish.

Largemouth Bass on a fly-rod nymph.

Stream Smallmouth Bass on a fly rod popper.

NE Iowa Rainbow Trout caught on Fly Rod.
Stocker Rainbow Trout from Iowa lake on Fly Rod.

Another stocker Rainbow Trout from a different Iowa lake during mid-summer.

Male Black Crappie in breeding colors.

Beautiful male Green Sunfish in spawning colors.

Big maw of a 31.5" Channel Catfish.

Male Bluegill in spawning coloration.

Healthy reservior Smallmouth Bass.

Small Wiper (Hybrid).

Good-lookin' Channel Catfish caught on Fly Rod.

Under-appreciated Freshwater Drum...this was a nice 26" fish!

Mouth of the 26" Freshwater Drum, hit a Reef Runner Cicada.

Head of a Common Carp, caught on a Fly Rod under a mulberry tree.

Found this nice Arrowhead while fishing!

Toothy jaws of a Shortnose Gar.

Shortnose Gar caught on a Rope Fly.  I liked this shot because you can see the skull joints beneath the skin.
"Two Eyes"....Crappie on a streamer pattern.

Crappie on a fly rod microjig.

Largemouth Bass caught on a Lefty's Deceiver.

White Bass caught on a Lefty's Deceiver.

White Bass double on topwater plug!

Yellow Bass.

The red pigmentation in the Shortnose Gar's tail area has something to do with spawning, I've heard.  Looks like blood, but isn't.

Speaking of getting "Up Close & Personal"...this Brown Pelican flew in and landed on our motor while we were heading back to the marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Roosterfish from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

These ducks weren't scared of me!

Yellow Perch.

Walleye teeth!

Northern Pike teeth!

Pucker up!
Grass Carp, caught on Fly Rod.

Close-up of Common Carp scales.


  1. That's quite a collection of fish shots there. No shortage of diversity in that montage. I enjoyed looking at them all...but I have to admit it really made me want to go fishing!!

  2. Everyone is a winner! Those are great shots of a variety of fish.

  3. Thank you both.
    I'll have to work on maybe some even better close-ups and see what I can come up with. For many ultra close-up doesn't capture enough...but the fish seen in its entirety is beautiful.
    Jeff...that is the best compliment you could ever give me...that my posts/pictures have made you want to go fishing! Thank you! I'm strongly suspicious that perhaps you already wanted to go fishing anyway. Ha! :)