Monday, August 22, 2011

OBN - Up Close and Personal (Macro shots) - Part 2

I decided I really want to post these outdoors, non-fishing picture macros too, to enter into the Outdoor Bloggers Network prompt.

This was a very cool moment, seeing this miniscule Praying Mantis on a Hardy Hibiscus bloom in my yard.

I liked this shot of a wasp on a Hummingbird Vine.

I saw this large Monarch caterpillar in the back yard...and had to use the flash because of the low evening light conditions.

I'd like to say that caterpillar grew up to make this butterfly...but this is a Viceroy Butterly, a benign mimic of the toxic Monarch Butterfly.

Milkweeds are interesting plants, with orange flowers and the seed pods in the Fall.  These baby milkweed bugs will grow up... make THIS colorful adult.

Dragonfly.  Cool.

Cicada.  LOUD!

Not 100% sure on this...maybe a Painted Lady Butterfly.

Buckeye Butterfly

Red Admiral Butterfly

Jumpy jumpy Grasshopper.

Checkerspot Butterfly...found this on our garage door!


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