Saturday, November 25, 2023

November 20, 2023 - Aruba

Took a family vacation to Aruba.  We had a great time!

Had scheduled a 1/2 day guided flyfishing trip with Laurenz Van Mook of

I had not ever caught a tarpon, so was hoping to get one added to my flyrod list.  I caught one, lost one, and missed a couple more bites.  We looked for bonefish, only saw a couple, and the only cast I made to one landed too close, resulting in the fish getting spooked.  I also had a Bar Jack on, but lost it...and then caught a small Blue Runner.  The Tarpon and Blue Runner were flyrod fish #82 and #83 for 2023!

Baby Tarpon

Blue Runner.  This is a pic I grabbed off the fish was smaller (but similar markings) ...and flipped out of the guide's hand back into the water while we were trying to take a picture.

Sally Lightfoot Crab (juvenile)

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