Tuesday, December 15, 2020

OLD Fishing Pictures - Part 2

 Found more of my old fishing pictures.  Some of these may be of the same fish from the previous Old Pictures post (2 posts ago)...but they are different pictures of the same fish so...eh...why not?  Most I haven't previously posted.

Iowa Musky (it cut my line right in front of me, so I stepped into the water and pushed the fish to the bottom to contain it/capture it.  So, some of the mud stuck to its belly.  If I'd have noticed, I could have washed it off before the pics!)

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass
Florida Stingray
Florida..."Mother-in-Law Fish" is what I was told?
Illinois public pond bass.

Illinois public pond...my first-ever Golden Shiner.  It hit a bass Spinnerbait! 
Lake Erie Freshwater Drum
Lake Erie walleye.
Chunky Iowa bass.
3 pictures of my biggest bass ever.  

Florida...Black Sea Bass
Florida...Can you see it?  Smallest Barracuda ever??
Florida.  Mangrove Snapper.
Florida.  Red Snapper.
Florida.  Another Mangrove Snapper
Florida - Gafftopsail Catfish
Big ol' Bass. :) 
Iowa - Shorthead Redhorse Sucker
Iowa - Walleye
Iowa - Flathead Catfish
Iowa - 18.5" Smallmouth Bass
Iowa - Smallmouth Bass
Nungesser Lake, Ontario, Canada - Rock Bass
A big Iowa Flathead Catfish

I'm on the left.  I didn't catch this, but a member of one of our trips to Canada caught this... 32.5" Walleye!  Not fat, but very LONG walleye!  Huge head!
Iowa Bigmouth Buffalo...along with my son.  Isn't he a cutie?  He's 20 years old now!
Iowa Flathead Catfish
Iowa Flathead Catfish
Iowa Flathead Catfish
27.5" Iowa Walleye...7.5 lbs.
Iowa Northern Pike...I believe this was 30"...@ 7.5 lbs
Iowa Freshwater Drum
Another Iowa Freshwater Drum.  Biggie!
Iowa - 19" Icefishing bass

Nungesser Lake, Ontario, Canada - Northern Pike
Iowa - My first-ever Yellow Bass
A nice Iowa Channel Catfish
Oahu, Hawaii - Peacock Bass

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