Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Mid-December 2020

 The first weekend of December, I tried for stocker trout...and got skunked.

2nd weekend, I tried a new-to-me lake...for whatever would be willing to play.  Turned out it was bass and bluegills.

Then I visited a creek, which was high, muddy, and fast from a lot of rain we got the previous evening.
I expected to get skunked, but was saved by a couple nice Creek Chubs.  The bigger one measured 11"!

And then the next weekend I visited a new-to-me small lake that has stocker trout.  Got skunked.  So I went back to another pond that has the stocker trout that skunked me the last time I tried it a couple weekends back.  I didn't get skunked this time.  2 Rainbow Trout and 4 White Crappie.

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