Thursday, December 26, 2019

December 2019

No big fish were caught, but when the ponds weren't ice-covered, the crappies and a few bass were still willing to strike.  The best tactic was  a microjig under an indicator (flyfishing, of course).

Sometimes a Micro Gamechanger worked well also, which was surprising considering how cold the water was.
These Micro Gamechangers are @ 2" long.


  1. I've really got to use the jig and indicator method more. Really seems to be productive.

    1. Yes! I resisted using the technique until I was shown how effective it is. Its really a great technique all year for bluegills and especially crappies. Its my late-season go-to technique for bigger bass, too. It seems counter-intuitive... a big bass feeding on a microjig late in the season when they should be fattening up on larger items for winter... but the numbers don't lie! It really works well, so well, in fact, non-fly bass anglers use it in cold water seasons too (the "float-n-fly" technique"). The really crazy thing is...I'm often fishing this technique at only 18"-20" deep... any season. Its surprising to me how "magic" that depth is in my local waters.