Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Saylorville Lake - 7-8-2013

I visited Saylorville Lake last night with my buddy Jay.  The lake is still ~9' above normal water level, but is dropping about 1'/day.  As the water drops, it gets more murky.

We fished from shore. There was some dead flooded weeds and baby willows that grew up along the shorelines during last Summer's low water levels.  Wind was from the SSW.  Nothing really going on as far as surface activity.  No visible schools of shad near the surface.  It was a nice evening, and we stuck it out longer than most rational people would have.

I took a fly rod and a spinning rod, but since carp weren't visible, I just used the spinning rod.  After an hour or so, I got one tiny Largemouth Bass on a Mepps spinner.  I switched to a Pop-R topwater plug, and caught 2 more bigger bass (the bigger one was a healthy 19"!), and then caught a smallish White Bass as it got dark.

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