Monday, July 15, 2013

Friday Lunch Flyfishing Report, 7-12-2013

This is sort of a late post.
I finally went flyfishing during my lunch hour again on Friday.  2 girls and their dad were just leaving the pond as I was getting out of my vehicle.  I asked them if they caught anything, and they got all excited....telling me it was really great!  They caught bluegills, crappies, bass, etc, on small orange twister-tail jigs.  And that the fish stopped hitting about an hour ago.  Great.

There was about a 15mph wind.  There was a LOT of floating algae around all the pond edges, and the downwind side of the lake was nearly obliterated by the stuff.  Flyfishing would be tough, but not impossible.

I picked up a few Bluegills from beyond the edges of the floating algae mats using a microjig under an indicator.  I noticed an open pocket on the inside edge of the algae, and saw fish swimming around there, some apparently guarding nests.
I switched to a foam topwater with palmered hackle.  The first cast saw a bass come out from under the adjacent algae mat and take the fly.
Nice fat Largemouth Bass that swam through the algae heading for deeper water, caking the junk all up and down my leader and tippet.  Very fun though!

I also ended up catching a couple Green Sunfish, at least a 1/2 dozen Bluegills, and 4 colorful Hybrid Sunfish.

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