Tuesday, July 9, 2024

July 8, 2024

 Just got back from our Alaska family vacation on Sunday afternoon.  Took Monday off as well to decompress from the trip.  Went fishing.

After numerous attempts at catching a Western Mosquitofish on fly, I finally succeeded:

Western Mosquitofish
I'd also been trying to catch a Warmouth at this location.  I'd caught some here last year, but had not caught a single one yet this year.  Was worried they'd all gotten eaten by bowfin and gar!  Finally got one.

Was trying for bowfin, when this big-headed male Channel Catfish devoured the fly.

I had 4 beautiful Spotted Gar hooked up, none were landed.  Bummer!
Caught a few Shortnose Gar.  The largest measured 29".

Had a few Eyetail Bowfin hooked up.  Managed to land 2 of them.
Also caught a Bluegill (no pic), and a Common Carp:
This muskrat watched me for a bit:
I'd seen some turtles and snakes.  Took a pic of this large shed snake skin:

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