Tuesday, January 24, 2023

January 22, 2023

 Air temps below 40 degrees F.  Fish activity when I started fishing was NIL.  I'm not sure what turned it around, but it ended up being a pretty good day of flyfishing.  I ended up catching 27 Koi and 19 Goldfish in ~5 hours.

I had tied up microjigs with some new materials I had bought...UV Mottle Galaxy Mop Chenille, and Eggstacy chenille.  I used one fly tied with Cheese colored Galaxy Mop (no tail).  I caught a lot of fish on that, and it eventually fell apart.  Next, I used one tied with Candy Pink Eggstacy, with a white rabbit fur tail.  I caught a lot of fish on that too.

Here's some of the fish caught:


This was the biggest Koi of the day.  I've caught this one a couple times before.


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