Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Flyfishing for Goldfish?!

I've hit a local pond a couple times in the past week or so. I'd fished it once before a couple years ago, hoping to catch some of the big goldfish I'd heard live there. I didn't catch any goldfish then, just some small crappies and bluegills.
I caught 2 Goldfish one day last week. The first measured 12.25", a new PB for me. (two pics of each fish below)

The second measured 12 1/8".

Yesterday evening I tried again. Along with the small bass, crappies and bluegills, I caught 2 more Goldfish.
The first was 11.75":

And the 2nd one was a bronze-colored behemoth of 13.25" ( a new PB) with impressive girth! Based on my measurements and calculations, this fish likely weighed in excess of 2.5 lbs!


  1. Dave
    I don't care what color the fish are as long as you landing them using the flyrod--congrats--thanks for sharing