Thursday, July 13, 2017

Crazy Good Bass Evening 7/12/2017

There had been "heat advisories" all day.  @ 5pm some rainstorms moved in.  Nothing heavy or long, just got everything wet.  The rain stopped after dinner, it was really nice out (cooler) and calm.  It was a later start than I'd prefer, but I really wanted to go fishing.

Drove past a few ponds, and my steering wheel turned me to where I needed to go.  Started fishing @ 7pm.  It turned out to be one of those precious few crazy-good evenings of fishing.  Like you could do no wrong.  I flyfished topwater for bass.  At one point I caught bass on 3 consecutive casts into the same small area.

Biggest 3 bass of the evening measured 19", 19", and 17".  Several more were in the 16"-16.5" range.  I also lost a big one that spit the fly after a couple minutes fight, and had 2 fish break my tippet during the hookset.

I could see pods of tiny shad (guessing...but I do know there are shad in here) scattered many places, and fish would occasionally blow up on them.  In several instances, bass were going hi-speed horizontally airborn, attacking and chasing baitfish.  A couple had to have cleared 6' horizontally.

Nice Hybrid Sunfish were attacking the baitfish as well.

Crazy good evening!  Oh, and I did pick up tick #7 from around this pond.  Fortunately none have attached.


  1. Congratulations, Dave, on "one of those nights"..........
    Fishing in Northern Colorado has been hit and miss with all the heat of late, so, good to see you having some fun.

    1. Fishing had been relatively lackluster around here, too. But the fish gotta eat sometime. Just gotta keep trying until our schedules match up with the fish's schedules. :)

  2. Dave
    Simply Awesome!!! What weight fly rod were you using to haul those brutes in?? Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, I was using a 9' 6wt Douglas Sky fly rod. Really nice rod!