Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Topwater Bass

I flyfished a local pond I had not fished yet this year.  I fished with a couple guys who fish even more than I do.  They provided the tip about this pond.
We didn't get to the pond until it was pretty late in the evening.  Fishing was tough for a fly angler like me....tall weeds along the steep bank, emergent aquatic weedbeds around the pond.  It took considerable skill to cast a blockhead popper beyond the weedline...they cast like a kite!

I managed to land 6 bass, and missed the hookset on at least 3 others.  5 were decent fish, good fights, and tough to bring through the weeds.  Good thing I had just put on fresh 10lb tippet once I arrived at the pond!  The biggest bass measured 19".  The smallest bass was about 1", and he was impaled on the hook after I was ripping the popper back through the weeds.  I'm sure he was going for the fly though, right?  :)

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  1. Dave, your killing this ol' Geezer! Some fine Bass and a Sunfish, too................