Thursday, January 2, 2014

12-28-2013--Last (Ice) Fishing Outing of 2013

Locally, ice has been thick enough for safe ice-fishing for several weeks.  I just haven't bothered to do it.  My buddy Jay and I finally fixed that when we went ice-fishing on Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013.

The weather was actually really nice...the high temperature exceeded 50 degrees F on the day, which was a really nice change from the sub-zero weather we had been having.   That is Iowa for you!

Typically this pond has some nice bluegills, extremely few crappies, and a few smallish bass.  It is also notoriously difficult to find fish on it during ice season.  One day a year or two ago, Ron, Jim, Jay and I drilled at LEAST 50 holes in this pond and just couldn't find fish anywhere.  Well...Jim found a few fish in one hole.

Anyway...long story short, neither Jay nor I caught a single Bluegill, although I'm sure there were a few around.  I ended up catching 10 Crappies from 9"-11", which is absolutely uncharacteristic for this pond.  And I caught 5 bass up to 13".

Jay also caught crappies and bass, neither of us used any live bait.

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