Monday, May 21, 2012

The Murdich Minnow

I'm a big fan of the Fly Fish Ohio website.  Lots of great info there, and tying instructions for a good number of useful fish-catching fly patterns.  The website's Publisher, Joe Cornwall, wrote a book called Fly Fishing Warm Water Rivers.

When I purchased my second copy of his book (long story), he sent me a fly he had tied up for Smallmouth Bass.  On the website, there is an excellent write-up about the pattern, and step-by-step tying instructions.

One thing that especially caught my attention in Joe's write-up is his mention that this pattern was very successful on catching Ohio River Wipers.  Those Wipers are accustomed to chasing/eating shad, just like our local Wipers are.

So, I finally sat down this weekend to tie up a few. The one change I made was to cover the head/attach the eyes with Sport & Outdoor GOOP adhesive.  I unsuccessfully tried 3 different stores looking for the Liquid Nails Clear Small Project Adhesive.  This version of the GOOP sounds like it has the same attributes as the Liquid Nails is waterproof, dries clear, and remains flexible.

I can't wait to show these to some fish this Summer/Fall!


  1. Nice looking fly! One of the new UV light cures may work with that fly, or not. We do not have wipers or any of the white and yellow basses here, but I would not feel out of place with a zonker, or a double bunny, 2 flies I do use for predators, (infrequent addmitedly, when the chance is there while carpin).


  2. I have Clear Gure Goo, in several formulations including the Flexible version. I like CCG for a variety of patterns. In this instance, I would need to use the Flexible, since that would give the fly a softer head. But the CCG Flexible, in my experience, cures not exactly clear. So I didn't use it in this instance. I suppose I could give it a try next time I tie some up, though. Good suggestion!

    Bunny strip flies are very effective on Wipers and Smallmouth Bass, too. I don't use them very often because the rabbit fur tends to hold so much water that it is like casting a wet sock. GREAT movement in the water, though! This Murdich Minnow should move well enough, and still cast easily since these synthetic materials will shed most of their water on the back-cast.

  3. I got that same pattern from FlyFishOhio website several months ago while looking for baitfish patterns. Tied up several , some with tails and some without and they look really good. I've caught some whites on the fly but probably havn't given it enough chances to prove itself as of yet , still got those favorites that it's hard to break away from.

  4. I actually tied one up over a year ago, but didn't like the proportions (it was really long). It was also tied with the original recipe's materials. I like the modifications Joe Cornwall incorporated. And having Joe's example in front of me for reference certainly helped.
    I too am guilty of not experimenting enough with other flies. I find I experiment more when the old favorites AREN'T working well...but those old favorites usually ARE working. Or maybe the fish just aren't biting, which doesn't really give the new patterns a chance to succeed, so the experiment is sabotaged from the beginning.