Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1st attempt at a "Stone Palmer" fly pattern

This is my first attempt at this aquatic “stonefly nymph pattern”, which was described by a gentleman from Argentina. Of course his looks much more realistic than mine…but what the hey?
Now for the "disclaimers"... I hadn’t really used some of these materials before in the way described, and I made some substitutions for materials I didn’t have (or didn’t want to use). I was also not familiar with the technique for making the legs bend in a natural-looking way (plus this was one of the materials that I substituted, so maybe it doesn’t work the same anyway?) So…I ended up burning off on leg section entirely, and sort of botching the others, so I still need to work on that. Also…I made the “rookie mistake” of crowding the hook eye with the materials.

All of that being said…I thought it turned out ok, and sort of looks like a real bug! (with badly messed-up legs!). ;o)

Top Views:

Side View:
Bottom View:

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