Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Late July, 2017

It's been hot, humid, low winds.  Fish pulled from the water feel 1/2 cooked already.  That's an exaggeration, sort of.  Relief is in the way later this week, which should be great for the fish and fishing.

In the lunchtime forays have yielded no carp lately...they must be staying cool in deeper water, because I haven't even seen any lately.  I've been catching some bass and bluegills mostly...and still mainly on topwater flies.   The best fish lately have been Channel Catfish.  Most have been hitting a gold-bodied Hybrid Carp Fly, but the biggest one (24", 6 lbs) hit a bass popper after dark.  THAT was pretty fun!

Here's the 24-incher:

And a 20-incher from a lunchtime outing:

Just a couple Hybrid Sunfish have been caught recently.
And one surprise Crappie:

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