Monday, July 3, 2017

Blog Issue / Dividing Line

The website I've used to host the pictures that I post on my blog and message boards has changed their Terms of Use.  They will still store photos for free. Despite having ads on their site, they will no longer allow sharing of the photos to message boards and blogs, without paying a $400/year fee (or more expensive by-the-month fee).  Too expensive for this guy!

I will find an alternate website that will host my photos for free.

I am unlikely to go back and fix the photos in any or all of the previous 545 blog posts I've already made.  For this I apologize.  Maybe I will take this opportunity to, over time, write up some new updated posts of the more popular posts/threads/topics.

So...this post (hopefully) marks the dividing line between the old posts with lost images, and the new ones that will once again contain images.

Thanks for sticking with me through this! :)