Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Visited 2 ponds.  At the first pond, I spend an hour or so flyfishing for bass.  Missed two strikes from a bass, and missed a swipe or two from crappies.  Finally switched to trying for crappies, and caught one.  4 guys with coolers, stringers, and fish baskets arrived and appeared to be keeping everything they caught.

At the second pond, I fished for about an hour before my buddy Jay showed up.  I'd caught just one bluegill.  He said the barometric pressure was really low (?), which generally means poor fishing.  Nevertheless, he started catching bluegills pretty frequently on a little fly rod popper!  I didn't switch, and consequently my catching didn't improve.  Jay decided to leave, probably exhausted from catching so many fish trying to teach a dumb pupil (me) how to do it.  Then in the last hour, I caught a bass, a pumpkinseed, and 4 more bluegills (doing it MY way) before I decided to give it up.  Caught 3 times as many fish in the last hour as in the previous 5 hours!


  1. Hey, Dave, stubbornness prevails in a lot of situations! Nice fish.......What was the streamer pattern you had on?

    1. Mel, I take all kinds of liberties when I tie...I substitute things here and there. So, its tough to say anything I tie is exactly like a named/known pattern. But I think for this one that you see in the picture above, it was basically an unweighted LowFat Minnow pattern in shad colors, with a Fish-Skull Fish-Mask (and eyes) the the front for the head.