Wednesday, April 26, 2017

First Channel Catfish of 2017

I'd flyfished during lunch yesterday and had a HUGE bass on for quite a while before it finally spit the hook.  So, after work I decided to try another pond to see if I could entice any bass there.  I didn't see any bass.  But I did have a strike that smashed the fly, making a huge boil, and then it took off like a freight train!  I was several minutes before I even got to see what the heck this fish WAS.  Then I saw the tail...Catfish!  Great fight!  28"...a conversion table I found suggests a weight of 10.6 lbs.
The fly I was using was a #2 mostly-black Zonker.

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  1. Congratulations, Dave! While I have caught Catfish on the fly rod, certainly nothing like this big brute you landed.... Thanks for sharing Mr. Whiskers..............