Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Late-April 2016 Fishing Report

Weather has been warm for the past week or two.  The fish seemed to like that, but also seemed tougher to catch much of the time.  Maybe there are insect hatches going on that the fish are filling up on?
Have caught some chunky bass, but no 18"+ fish recently.  I've seen guys with spinning gear catch some nice ones, though.  This was a good fighter:

I caught another big 9" Pumpkinseed Sunfish this past weekend:

Based on the coloration of some of the male crappies, and the bellies on the females...the spawn may be starting soon.
What's the smallest crappie you've ever caught?  I was fishing a local public pond I had not fished before....and this one might be my new record smallest crappie:

I did catch a couple nice Green Sunfish there in the 8"-8.5" range:

A chartreuse 1/80th oz Microjig is still catching a good number of fish, but as the fish start moving even shallower, a #8 or #10 yellow Boa Yarn Leech is also catching plenty of fish.

Hit another pond the following evening.  Found some nice bluegills, medium-sized crappies that were sorta thin, and a few decent-looking bass.

Fished another pond and got this 12.5" Crappie just before a storm rolled in:
And a few others caught near the end of the month:


  1. Looks like fun Dave. The weather must be getting nice up there.

  2. It was getting nice, Drew, but the past week has been cold (mid 40's to mid 50's) and rainy. Supposed to start getting nicer again on Tuesday. Sun and Mid-60's, at least.