Monday, January 27, 2014

Ice Fishing....BULLHEADS?

I did some icefishing with my buddy Jay on Saturday afternoon, 1-25-2014.  The wind finally start to die down (less than 16mph) around 2pm, and by dusk it was actually pretty nice out, besides still being really cold.  It had been windy all week, and the forecast is calling for possible blizzard conditions and really strong winds for most of the next week.  So...we had to try it.

The ice was at least 11" thick.  The water was, unfortunately, stained.
We caught small fish....small bass, small crappies, and small bluegills.  It was still fun.  When icefishing, sometimes the fish you would thumb your nose at during open water season give the biggest thrill.  Why is that?  I caught 2 fish I had never caught while icefishing before....Bullheads!

I caught all my fish on a vertical ice jig tipped with a waxworm.


  1. Haha, too funny man. I hear cats are great during the winter though. Remember reading an article from In-Fisherman talking about that as a missed fishery. Maybe the same applies to bullhead, though this is the first time I have heard of it.

  2. Thinking back through all of my past ice fishing trips, been a few years since I last went, don't remember ever getting into Catfish or Bullhead for that matter. Have caught them on flies, though. Hurry up, warmer weather!

  3. I have caught Channel Catfish and Bullheads on flies...and Channel Catfish thru the ice previously. This was the first time I'd caught Bullheads through the ice. It isn't very common...that's for sure...but then I don't think I fish anywhere that has a lot of bullheads.

  4. Seen them caught through the ice here in Idaho, not many, but I've seen it. Here also is a very dedicated channel winter fishing crowd. I don't conventional fish but I hear it's as good in places as the summer.