Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flyrod Fish Species Life-List Update

Yep...its a "slow news day".  So, I was perusing my Fishing Log.

After adding a couple of new species earlier this year, I have now caught 30 species of fish on flyfishing gear, 25 in Iowa.

The Iowa species are (my Fly-Rod Biggest of each species is in parentheses):
1.Largemouth Bass (20.25")
2.Smallmouth Bass (16")
3.Bluegill (9.75")
4.Redear Sunfish (9.5")
5.Green Sunfish (9")
6.Pumpkinseed Sunfish (7")
7.Hybrid Sunfish (9")
8.Black Crappie (13")
9.White Crappie (14.5")
10.Wiper (18.5")
11.White Bass (15")
12.Yellow Bass (7")
13.Yellow Perch (10.75")
14.Walleye (19")
15.Channel Catfish (31")
16.Yellow Bullhead (13")
17.Common Carp (32")
18.Grass Carp (36.5")
19.Shortnose Gar (26")
20.Bigmouth Buffalo (28")
21.Smallmouth Buffalo (22.5")
22.Freshwater Drum (11")
23.Rainbow Trout (14")
24.Brown Trout (14")
25.Brook Trout (12")

And the following species were caught in other states:
26.Northern Pike (24")
27.Peacock Bass (18")
28.Oscar (13")
29.Spotted Tilapia (10")
30.Mayan Cichlid (10")

I have also caught Steelhead and Chinook Salmon on flies...but since I was using spinning gear to cast them, I can't count those species yet.

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  1. Pretty darn impressive! You have a great warm water venue there-be happy about that.