Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lunchtime Flyfishing Report, 11-14-2012

Forecast said 11mph winds today...I guarantee is was closer to 20mph!

Still, it was a decent day, so I went flyfishing during my lunch hour.  Visited a nearby public pond that I hadn't visited for about a month.

Started off really slow...not catching much, then found a current break and started catching a few bluegills, and missing a lot of strikes.  Continued working my way around the pond until I ended up on the downwind side.  Tough casting into that wind!  I noticed a narrow mudline that extended out away from shore for 30' or so, which I assumed was caused by geese, since there were some hanging around the pond.  Now I'm thinking it may have been caused by wind...but whatever the reason, there were fish around it.  I caught several more bluegills, including one really nice fat Bull, and I also landed 3 surprise Crappies!  The first Crappie was 13", and the other two were 10"-12" range.

Everything was caught on a 1/80 oz Springbrook Wunder-style microjig tied with an Olive Glimmer Chenille body, and grizzly marabou tail.  I fished this about 2' beneath an indicator and retrieved slowly.

I took a couple pictures of the 13-inch Crappie:


  1. Not a bad way to spend a lunch hour! Soon MDC will stock the park lakes with trout and I'll be taking lunch there.

  2. Good luck on those trout, Kevin! Those stockers can be a lot of fun! I look forward to seeing the reports/pictures on your blog! :)