Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lunchtime Flyfishing, 11-15-2012

Different day, same pond, similar results.  Flyfished during lunch at a City pond.
Caught a few trees on backcasts...lost a microjig, tippet and indicator.

Wind was out of a slightly different direction, and not quite as strong.  It was more breezy than windy today.  Sunny!

Used the same color microjig as yesterday, about 2' under the indicator.  Landed 9 Bluegills, 4 Crappies.  Lost one nice Crappie that I watched throw the hook underwater.  The Crappies were all 10"+, with the biggest being a VERY strong-fighting 13-incher.  I compared it to yesterday's 13" Crappie, and determined today's is a DIFFERENT fish!  That is GOOD!

Here's the first Crappie of the day:

...and a pic with the microjig in its mouth:

And this is today's 13-incher:


  1. nice crappie! Again, not a bad lunch hour!

  2. Thanks Kevin! I assumed yesterday's experience to be some sort of fluke. I'm actually surprised to find that it wasn't! Guess it gives me someplace to keep visiting for the next few weeks before the ponds start to freeze over.

  3. Awesome crappie! My best is only an inch larger, not measured, a guess. But it was an April 1st. fish, not November. Maybe this is one time of the year to find larger fish other than when on their beds? I have micro jig hooks from Feather Craft, 1/100 OZ, tied with a simple hares body with ruffed grouse marabou tails, and those really worked well on trout and small largemouths. Now I must re look at these things.


  4. Gregg,
    I've used both 1/80th and 1/100th oz microjigs. Both seem to work equally well. The main difference in choosing size is if flyfishing without an indicator. The lighter jig will fish shallower during a retrieve, and sometimes that is preferred. I may have to try a chartreuse microjig at that pond...that is one color Crappies can't seem to ever refuse. :)

  5. Could go for some crappies right about now! Beautiful 13 incher!