Friday, November 9, 2012

Fishing Getting Tougher?

I went flyfishing today during lunch.  Probably should have tried for Trout, since they seem very active right now.  Instead, I tried for Bluegills.  Fishing seemed really slow compared to my previous trip to this pond.  Probably a sign of the season to come?  I landed 4 decent bluegills, rolled several others on botched hooksets, and had one or two instances where a missed hookset felt pretty heavy!  Could have been some other fish species, or ..maybe not.  Gotta love that "who knows?" feeling!  Makes you want to go back and try some again.


  1. Now THAT is neat! Still very colorful I see. Actually I've caught bluegill every month of the year on a fly, the coldest ones on a small midge pupa fished deep with a strike indicator in 39 degree water. They stock trout as I've said in ponds here they don't belong. Incrdible numbers of easy fish. But, stuck to them as carp were out of casting reach I picked up my best crappie, possible 14". Nice to see the wild fish you have active.


  2. Rock on, Dave. Sorry I haven't commented more. Thanks for keeping the pretty pictures up!