Thursday, November 8, 2012

10% of the Stocked Trout in 1 week!

10%...its official!

So, if you've been following my recent blog (s) about flyfishing for stocker trout at Lake Petocka… 5 (trout caught during Thursday stocking day) + 64 (trout from Friday) + 78 (from Sunday) = 147.  I needed 3 more trout to “officially” catch 150 trout…10% of the 1,500 Rainbow Trout the DNR stocked into Lake Petocka.

I went flyfishing during my lunch hour today.  HOLY CRAP WAS IT WINDY!!!!  It was bright sunlight and the wind was blowing almost straight out of the south.  Weather service says wind speed was 16mph, but there is only open harvested farm fields around the lake, no wind breaks at all, and it always feels much windier there than anywhere else.  Only one guy fishing when I arrived, there were at least 8 when I left!  Because of the drive time from where I work, I could only fish for 20 minutes.

Flyfishing was tough.  Couldn’t cast far, no visible trout activity anywhere that I could see.  I fished near the area in the NW Corner where Dale G. and I flyfished on Sunday.  I cast straight out, and I also cast more parallel to shore. I managed to catch 3 Rainbows, and lost a 4th.  The fish all hit within 5’ of shore during the parallel casts.  Used a #8  black woolly bugger with a 4mm gold bead.

Other interesting stats…it took me 12.33 hours to catch 150 trout…a rate of over 12 fish/hour…or an average of 1 fish every 5 minutes.

Sound like bragging?  It is, and I hate bragging, unless its all in fun.  And I DO fish for fun...I'm not a guide and I'm not fishing for food.  I fish a lot...catch plenty of fish, and it isn't often that I impress myself.  But for some reason this impresses even me!

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