Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Evening Fly-Fishing, 8-5-2012

Fly-fished a local public pond from about 7:45pm-10pm.
Some young kids were trying to terrorize the ducks when the ducks would climb onto the shore.  It seems poor sport to chase after such wild animals...but the ducks just hop in the water and swim away.  Small price to pay for the free bread snacks they often get fed.  Folks feeding ducks are doing them a disservice, as studies have shown these hand-fed ducks tend to hold off migrating much longer, and often get caught in early-season snow storms and don't survive as well in the wild away from their summer "vacation" ponds.  I'm sure I've mentioned all this before.  It is what it is.

A couple of the kids walked around the pond, and saw me catch a few fish on a small foam Gurgler I had made.  They ran over.  At first they were concerned, but apparently I looked harmless or friendly enough.  Their attending adults were within view, after all.  I talked to the kids, showed them the fish as I caught them, told them what speceis of fish they were, and tossed them in the grass for them to inspect before they released it back to them water.

HORRORS!  You wouldn't toss trout up in the grass if you weren't planning to keep them!  Fear not...these bluegills are stout creatures.  Every one of them swam off strongly once returned to the water.  Plus, this pond could use some "thinning out", so if some died it wouldn't be the end of the world.  This sounds horrible, coming from a guy that is very big on Catch & Release.  I know my local fish and harm done and it was worth it to see these kids (eventually there were at least 6 gathered around me, all clamoring to get to hold the next fish) enjoying a little nature close-up.

They were astounded at how fast I was catching fish.  So was I, to a degree, but I tried to act cool. :)
They asked me how I did it.  I told them I was just really lucky.  To my dismay, they didn't try to argue instead that I must be an extremely skilled and knowledgable angler.  They just agreed that I was indeed very lucky.  Ah, youth.

A group of 5 or 6 teenage boys came down to the pond and fished not far away (but far enough...they weren't crowding me by any means).  So impressive was my fish-after-fish-after-fish catching, the most hardcore angler of the group came over to inquire as to my method and lure (fly).

I wouldn't be truthful if I said I kept an accurate count of all the bluegills I caught, but I feel very confident in saying it was well in excess of 40 fish.

After it started getting darker, the younger group of kids left, and half of the teenagers left.  In addition to a couple more bluegills, I also caught a largemouth bass and 3 crappies.

Pressure waves.  Most anglers have seen these.  They often mark the presence (movement) of a large fish under the that doesn't break the water's surface.  Its the sort of thing that, even after all these years of fishing, still makes my eyes open wide and I can't help but exhale a stretched-out "WHOA!".  I saw quite a few of these last night once it got fairly dark.  The big fish were certainly around and within casting distance.  I tied on a #6 white Woolly Bugger, but didn't hook into any of these bigger fish.  Its the kind of thing that keeps me wanting to go fishing again and again.

I took no pictures this time.  Should have taken pictures of all the kids waiting for the next was rather endearing.  But, their accompanying adults, who did eventually walk over and chat for a bit, might have thought that it would be weird for a stranger to be taking their kids pictures.  This is the sorry age we live in, but then wariness of strangers is nothing new.

At least my entertaining the kids gave the ducks a welcome break.

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  1. Nice story. I enjoy teaching kids who gather as well. We have parks where the Parks Dept. amd the IDFG advises against feeding the ducks and geese, to absolutely no avail, and not at all enforced as it is auch an institution at one pond in particular. In that pond when the carp find bread as their metabolism is peak the fishing can be stupid easy, a sunk bread tie just inches under an indicator and in the ducks. That catches carp, suckers, and the rare trout (3-4lb,) plus native pike minnows. Can't see the fish but watch the indicator. We rarely hook the stupid mostly tame species ducks. Eventually the carp grow wise, but not for several glory weeks. Found a mostly unpopulated public pond with bass, BG and grassies, hope to start my 7 year old grandson on his first real fly casting by himself bluegill try. His father so far casts for him and he strips in. Any way, nice report, envy your waters.