Sunday, May 13, 2012

White-Lined Sphinx Moth, 5-12-2011

I had a couple of White-Lined Sphinx Moths feeding around the Honeysuckle vines in the back yard.  I thought it was odd to see the in the middle of the day.  So, I grabbed my camera and tried to take some pictures.  It occurred to me later I should have chose a different setting that MIGHT have captured their image better...without the blurriness of their fast-moving wings.  Here are some of the better shots:

I even shot a short video:

Later in the evening, I went out, and their were a lot more of these flying around the vines.  I counted at least 10 at one time (and more were flying in), which is the most I've ever seen at one time.
Since it was darker out, the images didn't turn out so well:

Because of the way these feed on flower nectar, and because of the way they move, people seeing them from a distance often mistake them for hummingbirds.  While I was out photographing these during the day, I looked up to the top of the vines, and saw this!

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