Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fly-Fishing Lunch Report, 5-3-2012

WARM and sunny today!  Not much wind, temps in the mid 80's during the noon-hour.

I visited a local public pond.  Despite the overnight rain, the water was fairly clear.  And with the bright sun overhead and not much wind, I could see into the water very well.  I thought for sure I'd be able to spot a grass carp or channel catfish if they were around.  Instead, I only saw a large turtle, lots of bullfrogs and large tadpoles, bass, bluegills, green sunfish, and a very large white goldfish.

I wasted a good amount of time casting to that darn goldfish...I WANT TO CATCH THAT FISH!!  But it ignored everything.  I need something even smaller, I think.  I had some flies with me I had tied up specifically for this situation, but I was too lazy to dig them out of the bottom of my hip pack.  I did toss a fly that this fish had hit once before, but it didn't go for it again.  I did catch some bluegills on that, though.

Anyway, I ended up catching at least 7 Bluegills on a Woolly Worm, as well as 4 nice Green Sunfish.


  1. Dave
    Those sun fish are really colorful, they are similar to the rock bass we have here in Alabama. The one thing I noticed about the rock bass here is when you get the fish on it seems to just give up, in other words to fight. Is the sun fish the same way? Thanks for sharing

  2. Bill, yes, the mouth and body shape of the Green Sunfish is very similar to the Rock Bass and the Warmouth. A lot of people get them confused. I personally got them confused for a number of years...until I finally caught each species. Then I knew how to tell them apart.
    As for the fight...these bigger ones have been fighting very well, but I've experienced what you are talking about with the smaller ones. They aggressively attack the fly, then try to dart back down to a "safe spot". If they can't reach their safe spot, the small ones then just seem to "give up".

  3. Love those sunfish pictures! Makes me jealous actually, we've nice bluegill but green sunfish are not here.


  4. I have a place in town that's loaded to the gills with greenies.. but they are all the super tiny.. but when my luck is down.. I know a place to easily catch some fish =)

  5. Those were some really nice Green's.