Friday, May 13, 2011

Copper Creek Lake, 5-12-2011

I fly-fished Copper Creek Lake in Des Moines last night from about 6:35pm-7:30pm.

Quite a few other folks out fishing. I started with a 1/100th oz microjig. I changed colors a few times, most colors seemed to work. I caught 7 bluegills and 1 crappie on these patterns. Check out the dark coloration on the head of this nesting male crappie:

I saw a bass chase the microjig once, and then it just sort of seemed to be staying in the area. There was a small stump in the water that I thought I would catch some panfish near, but I wasn't catching any there...then it dawned on me...maybe the bass had staked a claim to that spot, and the panfish had cleared out? I put on a simple pattern consisting of a hook, a staple, and the rubber leg off a childs toy. The rubber leg looked sort of like a worm, the staple was tied to the hook shank to act as a "barb" to prevent the rubber from slipping down the hook shank. Anyway, I tossed it in, let it slowly sink, twitched it a few times. I watched my line, but didn't see any movement. I started lifting up on my line to cast again, but there was weight I set the hook. Fish on! After a nice little battle, I landed this 16" Largemouth.

After close to an hour, I had to leave. I hadn't seen anyone else around me catch anything.


  1. Dave
    I can feel that bass right there with you. I know it had to be an awesome fight. Those black crappie are much better looking than the light traditional crappie. I caught my first catfish on the fly Tuesday, what a fight.

  2. Awesome, Bill! Catfish are real "bulldogs" on fly gear. Usually any of them over 17" will take a lot of your line before you can get them turned around!