Monday, September 27, 2010

Fishing Report, Sept. 22-24, 2010

For the 2nd week in a row, I took Wedn-Fri off work to fish.  Weather was erratic, windy, sunny, cool and windy.  The only constant was the wind, but the direction shifted, so that created its own affects on the fishing.
It wasn't quite as good as the previous week, but I still managed to catch 210 fish in the 3 days.  I managed 10 species again, but some of the species were different, compared to last week, and my total species in the past 2 weeks from one lake, fishing from shore, on strictly artificial lures, is 14 species!
This trip yielded the following species:
Smallmouth Bass to 12"

Largemouth Bass to 16"

Crappie to 10.5"

White Bass to 14"
 A DOUBLE of White Bass on a topwater lure:
Here's my buddy Jay with a nice White Bass.
Wipers to 12" (no pics of my fish)

Channel Catfish to 24.5" (all on artificial lures!)

Carp to 18" (check it...they HIT the slab spoon!)

Carpsucker...Foul-hooked on accident, but this counts, since it is actually legal to snag these fish.
Green Sunfish up to 7" long (no pictures taken).

And lastly, a small Yellow Perch around 7" long:

Another excellent fishing adventure, although no fly-fishing this time due to the heavy winds we experienced.

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