Monday, June 4, 2012

Lunchtime Fly-Fishing 6/4/2012...Nothing to Show

I had planned to try fly-fishing a certain public pond during lunch, but it was much windier than I wanted to enable good sight-fishing for carp.  Instead, I went to a different pond just to kill time with some bluegill fishing...but there were already 2 people there fishing, so I went to a third pond which was near the second pond, and is NOT a pond I like very much because of low numbers of fish and murky water.  I had several bluegills come unbuttoned before I got them in, then saw "bubble trails" and tried for carp.  Tried an indicator and egg pattern.  Had the indicator go down once, but missed the hookset, and then saw a big cloud of sediment get kicked I'd say that WAS a carp, and I missed it.  But I got a strike and that is a bonus.   Oh, and I had another strike before I had switched to the egg & indicator set-up.  It was on a black woolly bugger, and when I set the hook, it broke my line.  I feel confidenat that THAT was a carp too!

As my buddy Jay noted....."I'm getting closer!"

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  1. Great! To answer a post from May, I too have the depth decision the hardest part. That is why I use a FRB (fly rod bobber, as that's what they are,) that slides up amd down the line and held by a peg and allows for quick changes. My eggs are usually a light color and the FRB really goes under well if a carp has it, very very rarely a sunfish like peck. At times one will bump the tippet in the mud and the FRB will show that, if you strike you'll foul hook that fish. They hold onto the fly well, many have hooked themselves and a 15 pounder last November was hooked so deep I couldn't see it, so he got the fly. My boys caught some eating cottonwood seeds the other day on a white egg 8" under an FRB. I am a FRB user, no apologies. I often use one with other flies as you did with Mr.P's fly, especially if the take is impossible to see for whatever reason.