Friday, April 27, 2018

Late April 2018

Hooray!  The weather finally warmed up.  Quickly!  We pretty much went from low 40's to upper 60's F in the span of a week, and have held on to that trend for more than a week now.  Water temps finally climbed to around 50...a 10 degree jump in a week!  The fish liked that.

I've caught some more carp on flies:
A pair of 26.5-inchers

And this one...I think was 25.5":

Bass have been getting more aggressive and have been hitting on GameChanger-style flies,

After losing a couple of these flies to bass that broke my line, I bumped up to 1x tippet (13 lb test!)...and tied up these:

This was the biggest bass recently, at just over 18":

I also caught several bass on a fly called a Clawdad, (I've tied some, but the ones I was using I purchased from:)
It worked.  Well!!

And some other recent catches:

I know this one is a little bass...but the fly I tied was pretty cool.  I lost the fly when a bigger bass broke my line.

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